Reckless Driving Articles

Reckless Driving

Stated generally, someone who drives a vehicle recklessly or at a speed or in a manner so as to endanger the life, limb, or property of any person can be found guilty of reckless driving in Virginia.  Some additional factors that, if proven, can lead to convictions of reckless driving include driving with faulty breaks […]

Texting While Driving: Can the Officer Search My Cell Phone?

Although an evolving area of law, a police officer making a roadside stop for suspected texting while driving generally cannot take your phone and search for evidence of texting. There are some exceptions, for example, such as when you give the officer permission to search the phone.

Signing Summons at Traffic Stop

When pulled over for a minor traffic violation, there are several behaviors that can lead to not-so minor consequences for the driver.  One such behavior is signing a summons (i.e. the “ticket”) presented by the police officer with a fake name.  In a recent case, this action was deemed by the courts to be felony […]

Yielding to Pedestrians

From an obvious safety prospective, and also a legal prospective, pedestrians cannot disregard approaching vehicle traffic  when crossing the street.  That said, however, it is often safe to assume the pedestrian has the right of way.  For example, Virginia law requires drivers to yield to pedestrians not only at clearly marked crosswalks but also at […]

Drivers: Remember to Remove your Hang-tags

Virginia law mandates that drivers maintain a clear view of the road while operating motor vehicles.  Even a small vehicle hangtag-such as the ones displayed for parking authorization-could give the police legally adequate “reasonable suspicion” to pull you over.

Your Car but Not Your Accident (Or Vice Versa)

When someone negligently causes an accident while driving the car of another, the issue of insurance coverage can get murky.  A careful reading of your insurance policy is a key first step in determining coverage.  Factors such whether or not the driver had the owner’s permission to drive, or believed he had permission, are also […]

DUI: The Horizontal Gaze/Nystagmus Test

There are a handful of popular field sobriety tests that a police office may administer before making a DUI arrest.   These include the “walk-and-turn,” the “one-leg stand,” and “the horizontal gaze” (sometimes referred to as “HGN”) or “nystagmus” test.” The nystagmus test tracks involuntary eye movement by asking a driver to follow a pen or […]

Auto Accident Verdicts

When a personal injury case, e.g., one stemming from an auto accident, goes to trial, the amount of damages to be awarded may be decided by a jury.  However, either parties may be able to appeal the verdict as the higher courts will sometimes determine that an award is excessive or inadequate.  For example, the […]

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